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Simplex Partners With Opera to Integrate In-Browser Crypto Onramp

Global industry leader, Simplex, has partnered with Opera to deliver a crypto onramp solution for users of the popular web browser. As a result of the integration, users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly within the privacy-centric Opera browser. The partnership comes at a time when millions of new users are seeking… Read More

ARCHOS & Simplex democratize access to crypto/fiat onramps and banking through mobile solutions

Global industry leader, Simplex, has partnered with ARCHOS, the pioneer in consumer electronics to further democratize access to crypto for all. Simplex revolutionizes the fiat/crypto space by creating a secure and user-friendly way for its partner network to enable all of their users to seamlessly buy and sell digital assets. Constantly innovating the electronics market,… Read More

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Create a free account Enables Crypto Onramp for Millions of Users Thanks to Simplex Integration

Cryptocurrency wallet platform has completed integration with leading payment processor Simplex, providing a global fiat onramp for cryptocurrency users. As a result of the partnership, users can now enjoy access to a secure and intuitive interface for purchasing cryptocurrency. The KLV token, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies, can be purchased inside the… Read More

Simplex Redefines the Fiat-to-Crypto/Crypto-to-Fiat Experience With the Launch of the Simplex Banking Solution

Simplex, the global market leader of the fiat-crypto infrastructure, announced the launch of a long-anticipated addition to its product suite: Simplex Banking, a revolutionary method that enables crypto exchanges and wallets to offer anyone, anywhere to buy and sell crypto assets. Simplex Banking offers hundreds of crypto wallets, exchanges, and outlets the ability to offer… Read More

Simplex Launches Banking Solution for Global Businesses

Source: Yahoo News Cryptocurrency fintech Simplex has announced the launch of an online crypto banking solution called Simplex Banking. The new financial tool aims to expand the ability of global businesses to operate in the cryptocurrency space by providing digital bank accounts licensed in the European Union. The new solution by Simplex creates a unique personal IBAN… Read More

Klever and Simplex announce partnership to enable credit card purchases of Klever (KLV) & other top cryptocurrencies in Klever App

With the Simplex partnership and imminent integration, Klever users will soon be able to buy Klever’s native token KLV and dozens of other top cryptocurrencies directly and seamlessly with their fiat currency, utilizing credit and debit card payments as well as Simplex’s advanced anti-fraud engine. The leading payment processing platform throughout the world, Simplex gives… Read More

U.S. residents now onramp easily and risk-free, thanks to Simplex

Simplex, the world’s leading fiat-crypto payment processor, today announced extended coverage within the U.S. to enable more users to purchase crypto assets easily and risk-free. The extended coverage gives Simplex partners, including cryptocurrency exchanges, broker websites, and wallet applications, the ability to offer 15 million crypto buyers based in the U.S. the ability to purchase… Read More