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Nuvei Completes Acquisition of Simplex

Nuvei Corporation (“Nuvei” and “the Company”) (TSX: NVEI and NVEI.U), the global payment technology partner of thriving brands, today announced the completion of the previously announced acquisition of SimplexCC Ltd. (“Simplex”). Simplex, through its proprietary fraud and risk management tools which are backed by proven artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is a leading fiat-cryptocurrency gateway connecting market participants, including… Read More

Simplex Partners with Linen Wallet to Provide Instant User Onboarding to DeFi and the Broader Crypto Economy

Simplex, the largest fiat infrastructure for digital currencies globally, and Linen, the self-custody crypto wallet, are joining forces to allow the Linen community to instantly acquire Ether, stablecoins, and other crypto assets using cards as a payment method.  Simplex is the provider underpinning many fiat onramps on leading exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and BitPay.… Read More

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Simplex Partners with Kava to Provide Instant Fiat-to-DeFi Gateway for Cross-Chain Assets

Simplex, the largest fiat infrastructure for digital currencies globally, and Kava, the multi-asset DeFi platform, are joining forces to provide the first “Fiat-to-DeFi” ramp for users of Kava and other DeFi lending platforms on the Kava blockchain. Simplex is the largest provider of secure fiat-to-crypto infrastructure, enabling users to transfer their funds from debit and… Read More

Simplex and Cardano Integration Enables Millions to Purchase ADA Worldwide

Simplex, the industry leader providing global fiat on/off ramps to the entire crypto ecosystem, adds Cardano (ADA) to its vast list of supported cryptocurrencies. ADA will be made accessible to Simplex’s growing partner network, including multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and brokers. The integration of ADA lets millions of people purchase this digital asset with a… Read More

Simplex partners with VeChain to enable seamless fiat onramp for VET token

VeChain is the latest cryptocurrency to be added by Simplex, allowing users to buy, sell and trade VET for fiat and other crypto assets. Leading fiat-to-crypto onramp infrastructure platform Simplex has added VeChain to its list of supported crypto assets, enabling users to quickly purchase VET across its partner network. The partnership opens the crypto… Read More

Simplex Integrates SEPA Instant, Enabling 24/7 Deposits Across Partner Venues

Simplex, the largest fiat infrastructure for digital currencies globally, has added SEPA Instant to its growing list of payment methods, allowing users to seamlessly move between the fiat banking system and crypto in mere seconds. For Simplex partners and their users, the SEPA Instant integration is a major milestone that dramatically reduces friction and costs… Read More

Inside the Mind of a Scammer

Crypto is reaching greater heights every day, with millions of new adopters joining the ecosystem in the last two months alone. However, as crypto enters the mass market, fraudsters are finding new methods and opportunities to scam users, who are often unaware that their stolen funds cannot be retrieved. While crypto going mainstream may be… Read More

Simplex partners with Hacken to make HAI more accessible worldwide

Great news for the Hacken community and global investors: from now on you can buy HAI with your VISA/Mastercard debit or credit cards in a secure way, thanks to integrating with Simplex, the industry leader providing fiat/crypto on/offramps worldwide.  The integration creates big opportunities for Hacken Token to reach even more users via Simplex’s vast… Read More