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Payment partner of over 350 leading exchanges, wallets, brokers, coins, NFT platforms and blockchain games
100+ fiat options globally: enable purchases via credit/debit card, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA and more powered by Nuvei
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Split payments, payouts in crypto or fiat
Zero risk, zero rolling reserve, zero chargebacks

NFTs made easy

NFTs are eating the world but collectors can’t dine out if they can’t connect. Solving the tricky fiat-to-crypto conundrum calls for a payment gateway that works both ways. Many aspiring NFT buyers are crypto beginners. Offering a fiat-crypto onramp isn’t just about making the sale: it’s about giving first-time buyers a seamless experience that’ll keep them coming back for more.

Our NFT Dir3ct solution integrates into your website or mobile application. It supports NFT purchases via initial mint, whitelist, or on secondary market. Buyers choose their preferred fiat currency, payment method, and cryptocurrency e.g. ETH with credit card. Simplex handles the conversion with the whole process settled in minutes.

NFT Dir3ct opens your digital art to a mass audience. Whether it’s PFPs, generative, metaverse passes, or concert tickets, Simplex can supply the on- and offramp. The result? More primary and secondary sales, greater royalties to NFT creators, and happier NFT collectors.