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Simplex Reviews

  • Absolutely fantastically amazingly unbelievably perfect!!!!
    Absolutely fantastically amazing... unbelievable how fast and how painless everything was from registering to verification to Purchasing. First website of the tons I’ve used that I haven’t had any problems. Was not given a single issue whatsoever. I am jaw dropped at the excellence!!!!

  • Outstanding service!
    Trust is a hard thing to give to any online service. Simplex has definitely earned it, they inform you at every step of your transaction and you know what’s going on with your money. It’s been a pleasure using them in the past, and I look forward to using them for years to come! Thank you Simplex!

  • Simplex is the best way to make large…
    Simplex is the best way to make large purchases with a credit card. I have made several purchases of 500 and even 1000 dollars with no issues. In comparison to coinbase, I could only purchase up to 100 dollars per week with a credit card. Thats why I came to changelly and simplex. Great service here. Just make sure to tell your bank to authorize large transactions prior to making them.

  • Nervous newby
    Fast account verification, initial trade-ability verification, fast payment request approval and execution with the 3rd party trading exchange I'm using, followed by a prompt email to me asking me to double check payment (confirmed by me). Immediate concise communication from them at every step. Awesome. I can't think of anything to fault them on.

  • Simplex Review
    Awesome experience, all payments get processed on time and they do follow up on every single transaction. That's the way to go!


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