Global industry leader, Simplex, has partnered with Opera to deliver a crypto onramp solution for users of the popular web browser. As a result of the integration, users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly within the privacy-centric Opera browser.

The partnership comes at a time when millions of new users are seeking entrance to the crypto ecosystem, enticed by the market rise and a proliferation of open finance initiatives.

The Simplex-Opera integration allows users to open a cryptocurrency wallet account to acquire their digital assets. Now Opera users can access Simplex’s extensive range of supported cryptocurrencies from within the browser wallet itself, and move between fiat and cryptocurrency with ease, enjoying competitive rates.

In December 2018, Opera became the first web3 and blockchain-ready browser when it launched web3 support, dApp explorer, as well as its native Crypto Wallet in Opera for Android. Since then,Opera’s desktop browser as well as its Android browser and Opera Touch for iOS have become blockchain-ready. Opera Crypto Wallet currently supports ETH, BTC, and Tron. The browser also features a built-in VPN and an ad blocker.

A principal member of the Visa network and the industry’s leader, Simplex works alongside leading digital asset exchanges, wallets, and brokers to grow enablement and democratize cryptocurrencies, pioneering new and innovative capabilities for the entire fiat/crypto ecosystem. Last month, the EU-licensed fintech also launched Simplex Banking, a product that works alongside its partner network to enable users to buy crypto with a range of local and global payment methods and convert it back into fiat in a bank account. Simplex Banking can be accessed via the company’s partner network, including platforms such as OKEx, Poloniex, and Changelly.