Opera, an online browser that claims to prioritize user privacy, has partnered with crypto-to-fiat onramp provider and payment processor Simplex to offer a crypto onramp for users of the browser.

A crypto on-ramp is basically an exchange or similar service that lets users pay fiat for crypto and is an important first step for newer crypto users. The move comes as bitcoin and cryptocurrencies generally have seen large financial institutions get involved and exponential price increases in 2021. 

The result of the integration is that users will be able to buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies quickly within the Opera browser. 

The biggest takeaway for current Opera and Simplex users is that it makes on-ramping more accessible, according to Rachel Siegman, head of marketing at Simplex.  

“Current Opera users can onramp using their debit or credit card with Simplex and Simplex users can now use the secure and instant payments on Opera,” she said in an email. 

“It’s completely secure, and using Simplex’s fraud-free network helps all users, throughout the world, enjoy the market dips immediately,” said Siegman of the Opera browser partnership.