With the Simplex partnership and imminent integration, Klever users will soon be able to buy Klever’s native token KLV and dozens of other top cryptocurrencies directly and seamlessly with their fiat currency, utilizing credit and debit card payments as well as Simplex’s advanced anti-fraud engine. The leading payment processing platform throughout the world, Simplex gives users the ability to purchase crypto assets quickly and securely, no matter where they are.

Simplex’s integration, as well as seamless user experience, is unrivaled in the crypto industry, with the company having formed key partnerships with many of the largest trading platforms in the sector. Simplex has provided global credit and debit card processing services, with zero chargeback guarantee, to the market leaders such as Binance, Bitrue, Changelly and Huobi. And now Klever.

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Buying KLV and crypto through Simplex’s seamless services inside Klever App will soon be going live to Klever users worldwide.

The Klever and Simplex teams are finalizing the integration of Simplex into Klever, which will enable Klever users worldwide to buy KLV and other cryptocurrencies instantly with fiat by going to the Klever Browser and clicking “Buy Crypto” to access Simplex’s services for credit card purchases.

Buying KLV and crypto through Simplex’s services is a seamless process, where the user simply selects what currency he/she wants to buy, adds their credit card info, and hits pay. The KLV or selected currency will be sent to the user’s Klever wallet account of choice.

In line with Simplex’s anti-fraud system, an engine that is powered by a combination of advanced AI and machine learning, some cases will require document upload as a one-time requirement. Simplex’s fraud engine analyzes all the data, detects whether there is anything suspicious and flags it, all within seconds. It’s a seamless user experience and the process is the fastest and most reputable in the industry.

Klever.io and Simplex.com are also exploring deeper partnership opportunities, including fiat off ramp inside Klever App in addition to other areas of cross-platform cooperation.

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Klever.io and Simplex.com are also exploring deeper partnership opportunities, including fiat-off ramp as well as other areas of cooperation.

About Simplex

Simplex has been changing the status quo of crypto on/off ramps since 2014. Working alongside the biggest names in the crypto ecosystem, including Binance, Huobi, Changelly, Bitpay, among hundreds of others, Simplex provides the complete and global fiat infrastructure for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Currently supporting 36 crypto- and 49 fiat currencies, Simplex offers a range of risk-free solutions, including debit and credit card processing that ensures full charge-back prevention, the Simplex Account, an end-to-end fiat banking solution that supports local payments methods, and the Simplex Visa card, to use digital currencies in everyday life. As a licensed EU financial institution, Simplex was selected as one of the 10 most impactful companies in blockchain in 2020. Put simply, Simplex is making crypto accessible to humans, turning the complex into the Simplex. Keep up with the latest Simplex news by following us on Twitter or visiting www.simplex.com.

About Klever

Klever is a simple, secure & decentralized p2p crypto wallet ecosystem for Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Litecoin, DigiByte and other top coins, tokens and cryptocurrency assets. With over 1.3 million downloads from 193 countries worldwide, the Klever ecosystem of apps caters to a global audience of over 250k daily active users of blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency holders. Klever App is built on top of Klever OS, which uses advanced security mechanisms that completely protects the user’s private keys, and makes private keys and sensitive data available only on the user’s specific device, utilizing the latest military-grade technology for encryption. For more information and to download the Klever App for iOS or Android, visit: www.klever.io.

Original source: Klever via Medium