Make the complex Simplex

Enable anyone, anywhere, to onramp any way

Unlock the power of Simplex Banking

  • Locally accessible for a truly global reach

    Industry leading coverage for even the most underserved markets

  • Limitless transaction amounts

    Allowing customers true freedom to buy how they want

  • Unmatched authorization rates

    As a licensed financial institution, Simplex ensures the highest approval rates

  • Bringing 1-click buy to your customers

    Enhancing the user experience and securing information in a bank-like manner

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    We put our money where our mouth is

    As the market leader, we pioneered the first riskless global fiat onramp using a credit and debit card, which promises a zero chargeback guarantee. Simplex Banking offers fraudless payment processing and wider payment accessibility, processing millions in payments daily. Put simply, we can safely say we’re growing the ecosystem.

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    Trusted partner of exchanges, liquidity providers, and wallets worldwide