how it works: wire transfer vs. Simplex

At Simplex, we simplify mainstream Bitcoin purchases, allowing easier, faster and safer access to Bitcoin buying & selling. Gone are the days of wire transactions and time-consuming documentations.

Simplex’s technology has been meticulously designed to provide the highest level of security for digital currency exchanges and brokers, while maintaining user comfort. Our platform allows infinitely better experience and secure transactions for instantaneous credit card purchasing of Bitcoins.

Simplex enables Bitcoin exchanges, broker websites and wallet applications to make digital currency purchases as easy as any other e-commerce transaction.

Your Simplex Benefits:

No fraud chargebacks. Ever. Really

No hassle interfacing with clearing banks

Re-utilizing anti-fraud knowledge

Greater Flexibility - Offer multiple deposit and withdrawal methods

True Global Coverage - No matter where you’re located, we’ve got your back

Simplex brings up to speed Bitcoin purchasing, for safer and faster transactions.
Here’s how we top the existing wire-transfer payment system: