Full Chargeback Liability

Integrate Simplex’s fraud-free payment processing solution and enjoy full chargeback liability

The Simplex Solution to your Chargeback Challenges

With Simplex, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about high chargebacks.

Our proprietary AI fraud-prevention solution analyzes every transaction with pinpoint precision and ensures legitimate users are able to process their payments while blocking fraudsters.

We are so confident in our cutting edge fraud-prevention solution, that we offer companies full chargeback liability. This means that even if there is a chargeback, the Simplex full liability offering ensures you do not feel it on your bottom line.

Chargeback Liability

Enjoy zero fraud
chargeback risk

Fraud Prevention

Let fraud be handled
by fraud mitigation

Maximize Conversion

Reduce false declines
and maximize

Enabling Payments. Defeating Fraud.

Simplex is a leading FinTech company that provides fraud-free payment processing with full chargeback liability for eCommerce businesses.

Our cutting-edge solution provides business with zero exposure to chargeback risk. Thanks to our proprietary machine-learning based algorithm, we are able to accurately identify and prevent fraud while increasing conversion.

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Your Comprehensive Payment Processing Partner

Suffering from high chargebacks?
You’ll love our fraud chargeback coverage

Concerned about the Visa/MS high risk program?
Our fraud prevention solution can help

Too many false declines?
Divert rejected traffic to Simplex for higher conversion

Looking for fraud prevention software?
We have a cutting edge AI based solution

About Simplex

Simplex is a licensed financial institution providing fraud-free payment processing for global businesses.
By combining fraud prevention with payment processing, Simplex is able to significantly decrease the percentage of falsely declined transactions, increasing conversions and revenue generation.
Simplex was founded in 2014 and initially operated in high fraud markets, processing billions of dollars annually.

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