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What is the verification process?

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Our payment process requires you to verify your mobile phone number and your email.

During the later stages of the payment you will be asked to submit a government issued document. Most commonly this may be a passport/ a driving license/ an ID card, however, you may try submitting other types of government issued documents as well.

At some stage of the payment we might also ask you to send a selfie with the card used in the payment, make sure when taking a selfie that we can see:

  1. First 4 and last 4 digits
  2. Your face
  3. Your name on the card.

Additionally, please make sure that it is taken in a well lit area so that all the information could be clearly readable.

Our goal is to maintain the safety of your funds, that is why we take extra measures to prevent any issues from happening, therefore we may ask you to go through another verification process for future transactions. Some delays may occur in the verification stage for various reasons, such as high demand for cryptocurrency, delays in the blockchain etc.

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