Who are we and what do we do?

Simplex is a fintech company that provides online merchants with fraudless online payment processing solutions. Our goal is to make online commerce safe for everyone. Completely risk-free.

Based on AI technology, our cutting edge automated systems facilitate processing online payments while assessing risk with maximum speed and accuracy.

Established in 2014, Simplex began its fight against fraud online with a focus on the cryptocurrency ecosystem – offering bitcoin exchanges, brokers and wallets global credit card processing with a full fraud chargeback guarantee.

Today, we’re expanding our reach to other high-fraud-risk areas of online commerce – bringing the promise of fraud free, fast and friendly payments to all online merchants.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs and experts in the world of online payments, Simplex is led by an experienced and driven management team, on a mission to make online payments the fraud-free, friendly and fast service it should be.

Can anyone use the service?

Anyone, except from countries in the FATF list available here http://www.fatf-gafi.org/topics/high-riskandnon-cooperativejurisdictions/

Please note that Simplex’s Service is not allowed for use by individuals who are under the age of 18 years old.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Simplex accepts most major credit cards, including VISA and MasterCard. We also accept some virtual, prepaid and debit cards.

Note, however, that some issuer banks have their own terms on where and when those cards can be used, and may decline the charge on their side.

What are the service fees?

We charge 5% of the transaction cost, with a minimum amount of 10$. Depending on which of our partners you are using to make your purchase, the fees may differ.

Why 5% you ask? Well, our service is made up of two parts
a) credit card processing: the fees for this are very standard for the industry
b) fraud detection and mitigation: this is a special service that allows merchants to sell crypto-currencies online with credit cards. Without it they wouldn’t offer you that option, which as you know is the cheapest and fastest way to make payment (compare the time and cost to doing a bank transfer!).  Fighting fraud is a non-stop and expensive business, so we do add fees for that too. We think that keeping the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem online free from fraud is worth it.

How long does it take to complete a transaction?

Usually, payments are processed within the hour; however, some cases require more attention and can take up to 24 hours to be approved.  You will receive an email once your payment has been reviewed.

If your transaction is still pending, it might be because you have yet to submit to a verification request.
In such cases, an email is sent asking for proof of identity or card ownership – which can land in your spam folder. In case of delays, please check your spam folder for a verification email.

How do I know what’s the status of my payment?

You will be notified via email once it’s approved or declined. This usually happens within the hour, but might take up to 24 hours in additional verification is required.

If your transaction is still pending, it might be because you have yet to submit to a verification request.
In such cases, an email is sent asking for proof of identity or card ownership – which can land in your spam folder. In case of delays, please check your spam folder for a verification email.

If you have any questions about your transaction, please email us at Support@Simplex.com.

What should I do if my transaction was approved but I can’t see my bitcoin in my wallet?

You can check the status of your Bitcoin purchase by inserting your Bitcoin address into the search bar here: https://blockchain.info

Registering your transaction on the blockchain can sometimes take longer than you would expect. It depends on a whole variety of factors including the number of transactions and the priority a particular bitcoin provider has. Please be assured that if you received an approval email, your bitcoin WILL be delivered, even if a bit slower than you might imagine.

Why do I sometimes still see a charge in my account even after my order was declined?

What you see is your funds in a “pre-authorized” state; we did not charge you, however, sometimes it takes a while to see that reflected in your account.
When you first made the order, your bank reserved the amount requested; that amount was then put in what is called a pre-authorization state.
If we don’t claim the funds, the transaction will remain in a pre-authorization state for a certain period that can sometimes last up to 7 days, depending on your bank – note that this is a rare case, and in almost all cases the funds are released from their “pre-authorized” state back to your account as soon as we decline the order.

If you are having trouble with your pre-authorization, please contact us at Support@Simplex.com

What are the daily and monthly transactions limits?

Please note that we are unable to increase the daily limit of 20,000 USD nor, the monthly limit of 50,000 USD.

The daily limit of 20K and the monthly limit of 50K is including the fees.

For example, payment of 20,642 USD will not go through, because it is over 20K.

Please, note that daily limit is being counted not as a calendar day, from 00:00 till 23:59, but as a 24-hour period since purchasing.

Monthly limit is being counted in a similar way – as a 31-day period since purchasing, and not as a calendar month.

Which fiat currencies does Simplex support?

Simplex accepts payment in USD, EUR, and GBP.

We plan to start supporting other fiat currencies in the near future.

Note, it will be converted into the fiat currency of the issuing bank.

Is it possible to change my Bitcoin address after the transaction was made?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the Bitcoin address – once the Bitcoin is sent, we have no more control over it, and our part in the transaction is over.

Which cryptocurrencies does Simplex processes?

Currently you can purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin on our partners‘ platforms.

We plan to start supporting other cryptocurrencies in the near future.

Under which regulation does Simplex operates?

Simplex is a fully licensed financial institution in the EU. As a regulated European financial institution, we take extreme measures to ensure the safety of all the transactions that are sent to us. In order to guarantee zero-fraud, our algorithm analyzes each and every transaction.

Are my personal details shared with additional parties?

No. Other than the payment request that goes to our payment processor, we do not share you details with any other party.

Is the Bitcoin purchase price locked when my payment is submitted?

Prices depend on partners’ policies – please check with your respective partner.

My payment was declined, why did this happen and what can I do?

Due to our policy, we are unable to disclose our decline reasons. Also, we are not always able to respond to emails requesting more information about these decisions

Why won’t Simplex explain why was my payment attempt was declined?

It’s nothing personal. In order not to expose any of the mechanisms to malicious usage, as industry standard, no additional information is supplied upon rejection.

Can I cancel/edit my purchase/deposit request after its submitted?

We cannot guarantee that the request can be canceled/edited after it has been submitted.
If you need to cancel/edit your purchase request please contact us at support@simplex.com, and we will do our best to help.

How can I delete my account with Simplex?

Kindly email us at support@simplex.com and we will delete your account.
Please note that for regulatory reasons, we cannot delete your transaction history.

With which companies do you currently partner with?

The full and updated list is on our partners page

What if I have any other questions? How can I contact Support?

In case you have any questions, kindly contact our team 24/7 at support@simplex.com.

In order to protect your personal information and prevent fraud, please direct all questions and support requests only to that channel.

Simplex’s top priority is to provide world-class service to our users, and we are doing our best to reply all emails as soon as possible.

Kindly be informed that Simplex does not offer phone support!

If you are contacted by phone, please be aware that it is not a legitimate Simplex support agent.

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