Which fiat currencies does Simplex support?

Simplex accepts payment in USD, EUR, and GBP. We plan to start supporting other fiat currencies in the near future. Note, it will be converted into the fiat currency of the issuing bank.

Who are we and what do we do?

Simplex is a fintech company that provides online merchants with fraudless online payment processing solutions. Our goal is to make online commerce safe for everyone. Completely risk-free. Based [...]

What should I do if my transaction was approved but I can’t see my bitcoin in my wallet?

You can check the status of your Bitcoin purchase by inserting your Bitcoin address into the search bar here: https://blockchain.info Registering your transaction on the blockchain can sometimes [...]

Under which regulation does Simplex operates?

Simplex is a fully licensed financial institution in the EU. As a regulated European financial institution, we take extreme measures to ensure the safety of all the transactions that are sent to [...]

Which cryptocurrencies does Simplex processes?

Currently you can purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin on our partners‘ platforms. We plan to start supporting other cryptocurrencies in the near future.

Is it possible to change my Bitcoin address after the transaction was made?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the Bitcoin address – once the Bitcoin is sent, we have no more control over it, and our part in the transaction is over.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Simplex accepts most major credit cards, including VISA and MasterCard. We also accept some virtual, prepaid and debit cards. Note, however, that some issuer banks have their own terms on where [...]

Why won’t Simplex explain why was my payment attempt was declined?

It’s nothing personal. In order not to expose any of the mechanisms to malicious usage, as industry standard, no additional information is supplied upon rejection.

What if I have any other questions? How can I contact Support?

In case you have any questions, kindly contact our team 24/7 at [email protected] In order to protect your personal information and prevent fraud, please direct all questions and support [...]

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