Large-scale transactions. Risk-free.
It’s safe with Simplex.

When buying large amounts of crypto via wire transfer, counterparty risk creates multiple transaction limitations. Simplex’s escrow service is designed to eliminate all risk factors. The escrow service increases accessibility for buyers who were previously hesitant to perform transactions of this size, thereby expanding the number of potential sellers. 

Simplex eliminates risk by acting as a trusted payment agent that collects and holds the fiat – settling only after the three parties involved (buyer, seller, and Simplex) confirm that the crypto transaction was successful. According to the detailed and defined escrow process, transactions are approved after being documented on the blockchain.

Simplex’s fraud elimination expertise, wide banking network, vast blockchain technology knowledge, extensive crypto space experience and proven reputation help create a truly unique premium escrow service. 

This service is not provided to US persons.


EU Licensed Financial Institution

Work with a proven, credible payment solution provider

Eliminating Counterparty Risk

Simplex acts as a trusted third party, thereby eliminating any unpleasant surprises

New Players Welcome

Opens the market to new players who want to invest in crypto

Escrow Flow


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